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Kelly Meyers

Full Stack Development, Multimedia Design

Last update: 7.25.17

Adobe Creative Suite





Email Design & Development

Git & GitHub

HTML & XHTML (all doctypes)


JavaScript / jQuery




OS: MAC & Windows



Responsive Design


UX / UI / Design


Web Design and Interactive Media BS

2014 from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Div.
GPA 3.9/4

Plus, personal studies and projects, freelance opportunities, and countless hours problem solving and debugging.

I receieved only a small amount of programming instruction in school. For the most part, I am a self-taught programmer.

Freelance Web design and development since 2011

I started freelancing while in school, working for individuals, local small businesses, and some contract work for larger companies. Jobs such as email coding, adding and updating site content, creating custom interactive features, fixing broken sites, plus full site development including all content and asset creation. I also have exerience in illustration, branding & logo development, and infographic animation for video.

My clients include, or have included:

  • Major Hospital, Shelbyville IN
  • Gal's Guide to the Galaxy, Noblesville IN
  • Tom O'Brien Family Automotive, Indianapolis IN
  • The MEK Group, Carmel IN
  • DWA, Carmel IN
  • Kathy Davis Design, Indianapolis IN
  • Keith Hampton of it'sALLart, Brownsburg IN
  • Greg Lockert / Summit Power Products, Carmel IN
  • Citizens of Bob White Committee, District 55 IN
  • Splendido at the Chateau, Beaver Creek CO
  • St. Joseph's Parish, Lebanon IN

design + programming = ♡

I come from a fine art background and studied at Herron School of Art. I left before finishing to be home with my family and raise my 4 children. As a stay-at-home mom, I did some freelance illustration and production Photoshop work. But when I discovered the behind the scenes web world, I was hooked. When my youngest was in school all day, I started earning my Web Design and Interactive Media degree.

I am currently working to get Good Monster Design up and running as a successful freelance business. The majority of my freelance work recently has been designing banners and posters (web and print), creating interactive PDF forms, new sites or redesigns using WordPress as a CMS, regular coding of monthly emails, and updating or fixing broken areas of websites (not made by me) for clients. And on occasion, developing cool custom features - for example: an interactive google map that takes user data, sends back location specific info for the user, and collects those user stats.

In my free time I Netflix and read, mostly sci-fi/fantasy, and play Dungeons and Dragons with family and friends. I'm in a book club and usually attend Gen Con, PopCon, and/or Comic Con. I am an LGBT Ally.